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15 Days with Android

Having been totally addicted to iOS for the past 5 years – starting with an iPod Touch through to an iPhone 3GS and then a 4S and iPad2, it is easy to understand why I might have been reluctant to dive into Android.

I have to admit – early days still – the experience has been an absolutely positive one. It is one that has come to life via my new Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Avantis LearnPad.

In summary – a quick top5 observations.

1. Customisation. It feels strange being able to modify and refine everything from desktops to lock screens and how galleries are organised.

2. Gadgets. Esp when you take the G4S into account – wow! Everything from eye tracking to gesture recognition and facial recognition to unlock the device. Very gadgety and I love it!

3. Integration. Everything is integrated – social and cloud stotage, not just what Apple wants you to have. This connects you to your social networks very quickly.

4. Connectivity. Everything from USB to SDcard and HDMI. On the G4S you’ve got NFC and DLNA.

5. Usability. Google speaks to Android which speaks to Samsung which speaks to Twitter and Facebook. In no way do you feel like anyone is stopping you doing the bleeding obvious.

Early days – but so far – well and truly impressed. Coming soon – Android for EDUCATION.

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