A Geography Mash Up - by Sophia (Year 7)

I (Sophia) was recently given homework where we had to do a geography project about our chosen county.

We had to include: tourist information, geography and who we would recommend it to as a holiday destination (geology being optional). I chose Devon as we were going on holiday there during the half-term. Here is what I did:[Geography Project] I did this using: Tellagami, iMovie, Open GPS tracker and Google Earth.

I used Tellagami to create my own character. Using Tellagami is a way that you can personalise your work/homework to make it your own. If you watched my geography homework video, then you will have seen that most of it is done with a personalised avatar. In particular, I did one frame about erosion. On this frame, I put picture of erosion in the background so that it could be more clear on what I was talking about.

iMovie is an app where you put lots of photos and videos together with some effects to make it a movie. You can also add music or record your voice. I created a series of clips in Tellagami, imported them into IMovie and then I used it to add the transitions and give it a professional-like touch.

You are probably familiar with google earth and open GPS tracker but if you aren't then here's what they are:

  • Google earth is where you type in a postcode, city, town or county and it takes you to that on a globe. I used this to take a screenshot of the county that I chose to give the observer an idea of where it is.

  • Open GPS tracker is when you can track how far you have walked/driven. On this occasion, a fly through was created. My use of this was tracking a walk that we did while we were there and then, from that, a short video about the routes we took were created.

Out of the four apps, I would say that iMovie and Tellagami are the two most enjoyable. I enjoyed Tellagami because you can personalise your character and background and you have the freedom to make it your own. I enjoyed iMovie because you can add effects and music and transitions to create a professional-looking movie about your work. However, they are all useful.

By Sophia (Year 7 student)

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