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Sonny was an excellent trainer. Materials were delivered at a good pace and at a level accessible for all. Good mixture of direct input and time to play with resources.

St James CofE Primary

With over 40 years collective experience in education as teachers and middle and senior leaders, our ability to marry learning and teaching to a truly engaging digital experience is second to none.

OMG. He is a Jedi!

Hoe Valley School


we are teachers

In education, we provide leaders and teachers with the ideas, tools, practice and knowledge to enhance learning, raise standards and improve outcomes.


our workshops are awesome

we are not about the tech we are about best use

OMG. He is a Jedi!

Hoe Valley School

Meet Sanjesh Sharma (Sonny)


Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre

it is time to start loving what tech can do, all over again...

We have delivered thousands of workshops over the last 5 years. When we get feedback, two words stand out the most...


Fun and Engaging.

Really innovative experience which had changed my outlook on creative IT...

St Georges Newton School

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