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Every solution you invest in should not be about the technology. It should be about you, your pupils, your parents and your vision for teaching and learning.


Our Solutions

In a marketplace saturated with media maestros, content creators and training providers, we are always looking hard to understand what might differentiate us. After years of working with a wide range of customers and clients, we think we've finally worked it out. What sets us apart from the "competition" is that we are all about the experience. That is it. Simple.


Our growing portfolio of products and services is testament to that and offers, what we feel, are new approaches to making that experience better, memorable and measurable. We would love to say that we are totally focused on one thing, however, we are not. Everything we learn and start to understand in the context of learning, we aim to bring to you, fully tested, and 100% relevant to what you do.


With an ever-popular portfolio of a wide range of solutions for schools, academies and colleges, we bring you the best of Apple, Microsoft and Google, covering end-user devices, infrastructure and cloud. Each of our solutions begin with a STARTING POINT workshop at no cost to you and are about giving you a little of 'the art of the possible' to inform your decisions and get you excited about the possibilities. Book your STARTING POINT workshop today. Check out our solutions below for more details.



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