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Minecraft is more than just "that game" your kids play on thier Xbox. It is the perfect environment to promote creativity, teamwork and a love for building...



"My big wooden castle, with multiple rooms made solely by bookshelves, along with the grand waterfall that split into two rivers and three smaller waterfalls, is vapor. The only earthly certainty is a Creeper's explosion."

Mark Twain, moments before quitting Minecraft in incredible cynical fury.

Why use Minecraft in schools?


Minecraft Edu can be used across the curriculum in a variety of ways - learning how to read maps in geography, how to build bridges in engineering, or understand how ancient communities built their villages in history. The key to successful learning in Minecraft Edu is the ability to give students open-ended assignments which enable them to explore concepts such as volume, length, width, depth and perspective in a context which they already find engaging and motivating.


Minecraft Edu emphasises the importance of working collaboratively and communicating effectively with others. Feedback shows us that it is proving particularly effective with autistic children and children with other special learning needs. The game helps youngsters who struggle to communicate face-to-face, enabling them to speak virtually to each other, even to correct their spelling and grammar in a friendly setting.


Games based learning methods such as Minecraft Edu offer an educationally robust solution to not only engage and motivate learners, but also provide a wealth of scenarios to stimulate, deepen and accelerate learning.


Our clubs use Minecraft in an educational context to ensure that children can work together in a controlled environment. This adds activities and tasks into the hugely popular game and promotes teamwork and doing everything from changing the weather to switching off zombies!


Projects can include understanding energy and sustainability, rearing a sustainable ecosystem, build races, 'keep the creepers out' and exploring huge worlds.


Also, with computing on the curriculum now, our courses and workshops will help give your pupils a real head-start in IT.





At present we have limited availability throughout July and August in Quorn and Syston in Leicestershire.


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