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"without a doubt, the best thing i've seen at the whole exhibition. My pupils are going to absolutely love the dinosaur one..."

IntARactive Worksheets - a revolution in learning

The humble ‘worksheet’ has been the staple of many a classroom for as long as anyone cares to remember. Whether testing powers of recall, assessing skills of analysis, or consolidating understanding of content, its place in the lexicon of pedagogical resourcing is assured. Time for a reboot!


Using the latest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology, our IntARactive Worksheets take the idea of flipped learning and, well, flip it on its head a bit more. Each worksheet delivers up to 6 modes of learning:


  • Learning by reading – there is enough information on each worksheet to get children understanding basic concepts

  • Learning by looking – worksheets are colourful and have detailed images to support learning

  • Learning by 3D & Interaction – the worksheet ‘comes alive’ with eye-popping animated 3D content (no specialist equipment needed) that has sound and movement and offers engaging interaction

  • Learning by Video-on-demand – each worksheet has a ‘video area’ with a short video to complement learning – this can be watched to suit any pace (e.g. paused, played)

  • Extending Learning – each worksheet provides links to pre-vetted content on sites like YouTube and Vimeo for extending understanding further

  • Learning with a Teacher – each worksheet has a short video of a full qualified teacher or subject expert to improve understanding and assist learning.


All this happens ‘virtually’ on the worksheet, taking it way beyond the scope of text, images and diagrams of the traditional worksheet, as well as delivering the entire experience in one place – on the worksheet itself. Call it a worksheet, factsheet, home-study sheet or extended learning sheet – the InARactive Worksheet is about promoting independence in learning, including parents in the learning process and maximising the use of smart technologies at home and school. A total revolution in immersive learning and multimedia.


We are currently in the process of developing a full range of over 250 individual worksheets which will be released as subject packs, including Science, History, RE, Maths and English. Bookmark this page for updates and of course we welcome you to download the first 5 in our STEM series for FREE. Enjoy them and let us know what you think. :)

"a gateway to rich multimedia content that is relevant, engaging and full of the wow factor..."

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