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The power of broadcasting in many schools and academies is as yet unexplored. New Ways to Learn are delighted to bring you the #communication bundle which brings podcasting and broadcasting to the forefront using the right blend of hardware and apps.


Innovation #communication

With everything from Talking Tom to Podcasts being hailed for presenting young people with new approaches towards developing their communication skills, the potential with technology is huge, and yet still, often unexploited by schools and academies.


Our #communication bundle includes a full day of training to ensure you can get the most out of the new hardware, apps and software. We have included an iRig, a condenser microphone and stand to ensure that quality sits at the forefront. Our video and music specialists on the day will show you how to get the most out of GarageBand, as well as introducing you to stop animation and eBook creation to support communication and literacy at school.




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