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"The proposed changes to the ICT curriculum will bring challenges to all schools but especially primary schools. The programme designed and delivered by New Ways to Learn will provide the necessary support and guidance..." Bob Harrison, Chair of Teaching Schools New Technology Advisory Board

Computing! With the changes to the ICT curriculum and the recent computer science renaissance, primary schools are being challenged with delivering a comprehensive curriculum that firmly places computing across KS1 and KS2.


With so many schools unsure about the starting points or how to get the most out of their teachers without access to clear guidance and best practice, this workshop is designed to make your lives easier. Our professional trainers will take you through the fundamentals and deliver intuitive and skills-focussed workshops to give your teachers the confidence to get pupils coding and programming.


Our courses are designed to get teachers confident! You’ll be working with leading professionals (Sonny has a degree in Computing & Information Systems!) to understand the free apps out there that are going to help. We will look at topics like Algorithms, Textual Programming, Boolean and Logic, as well as the best places to develop your skills further. Click here for our Primary Computing Workshop.


Workshops and courses will be tailored to suit your level, context and any specific requirements to ensure you get the most out of the workshop. For a full course breakdown, fees and suitability, please check out our latest TRAINING CATALOGUE (2015).

"Even though the pupils got it, I didn't! Learning how to use Scratch and Kodu has now put me one step ahead..."


"I just knew it can't have been that difficult! Moving from ICT to Computing is hard work, but the workshop made it a lot easier for me. Thank you..."

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